Staff Data Security Developer


Shopify’s platform is growing at an incredible rate, generating vast amounts of data. We leverage the cloud in order to move fast and produce great results. While we operate a comprehensive data stack, we’ve still got a lot of work to do, and that’s where you can lean in. We face many challenges head-on to ensure that our data moves seamlessly throughout our infrastructure in a safe and secure manner, while providing new insights and features. We’re looking for engineers with a background in infrastructure, security and cloud technologies, DevOps, and an SRE mindset to collaborate on these challenges and deploy platform services at a very large scale. You’ll need a curiosity of how our systems work under the hood, and how we can leverage them to grow and protect the hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs that use Shopify. **You'll be working on:** * Ensuring that our data platform stays online, secure, and performant * Creating and deploying infrastructure a...

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