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Software Engineer

## Sr. Software Engineer - with Product UI ownership Company: ZenLedger, the cryptocurrency tax product, is searching for someone who can have the dual job roles of: Product Manager and Sr. Software Engineer. Your job will be the product manager to make sure the product’s user interface is easy-to-use and best matches customer’s needs. Product management will be your primary job and software engineering can be done as time allows. You will need to be ready to talk with customers, learn their preferences and pain points, and help build a great user experience. We want you to own the design and flow that will take a complicated process for our customers and make it easy and painless. We are working with sensitive data, and it is likely you will be required to pass a security clearance test in the future. ### Daily Responsibilities: * Drive product meetings and standups (Scrum / Lean methodology) * Participate in product design process to drive feature develop...

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