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Buddyboss is a Private company. Buddyboss has a revenue of $121.3K, and 5 employees. As of August 2019, Buddyboss has 1.3K fans on Facebook and 591 followers on Twitter. Buddyboss has an estimated revenue of <$1M and an estimate of less <10 employees.

We are looking for a talented, process-oriented expert WordPress Backend or Full Stack developer to strengthen our team and build on our technical foundation. The expert developer understands the business outcomes customers expect and works to deliver the product and customer requests on time and within budget while actively participating in the projects production cycle. **KEY DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES** * Work together with our product team to build and maintain the BuddyBoss products. * Working on creating functionality for both client projects and products * Contribute by building new features, plugins, fixing issues and constantly improving our products. * Collaborate with design, strategy and sales teams to brainstorm and design solutions for client projects, products and other software needs * Write well designed, testable, clean code using best practices * Assist the customer support team in resolving customer issues in relation to the product. * Troubleshoot customer i...

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