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Senior Software Engineer


**About Us** NannyML is an early stage venture funded start-up. At NannyML we build enterprise software for supervising and correcting ML systems in production. That includes detecting data and concept drift, estimating performance loss and suggesting corrective actions as well as a dashboard that presents all these insights for business and technical users. Our goal is to ensure that ML systems keep adding value and that insights that can be extracted from ML systems are clearly communicated to business stakeholders. We want to make ML in production effortless to interact with and extract value from. **About the Role** We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer to architect and build a great product. You will be working closely with the founding team. Our expertise is in leveraging business information, exploiting data and prototyping data solutions. Your expertise comes in to complement the team: you will be responsible for product development from the software and data engin...

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