Senior PHP Developer

Interaction Design Foundation

Do you want to use your coding skills to improve the lives of millions of people? Are you brave enough to **let millions of UX designers use your code**? Are you obsessive about your own **professional development** and **continuous learning-through-doing**? Then read on! The Interaction Design Foundation is the biggest online design school globally. Founded in 2002, we have over 90,000 graduates and counting. We're **market leaders** in online design education because the world's leading **experts create our content** and because we're specialized in design. What’s more, with over 1.5 million monthly visitors, we’re at the forefront of providing premier design education to such organizations as IBM and SAP, as well as thousands of other companies. Our ever-growing community now needs a first-class back-end developer to **help craft the ultimate user experience**. This is where your **longing for meaningfulness in your work and your hard-science coding skills** merge: Ever...

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