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Senior Full Stack .NET Developer (Miami, FL)


Were hiring a remote full stack developer onto our C#/.NET team. You are ideally a mid or senior level .NET developer with experience building high quality modern solutions and experience working autonomously. Youll start on a six-month contract with the option to continue from there based on performance and interest.We will provide you with an opportunity to work on universe denting solutions. Your starting contract will likely involve work with a non-profit and your contributions will be making the world a better place.The long-term goal of our organization is to build and support artificial general intelligence. Your work on our .NET team wont require or likely directly use machine learning experience but it is helpful to have, especially if you would like to transition to our other projects.Benefits Fully Remote Position Flexible Working Hours and Autonomy Compensation Details Hourly Minimum 30 Hours a Week (Normal Schedule) Pay Range Commensurate with Qualifications and Experience...

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