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Lead Fullstack Developer

We Got POP

Be a part of the magic! Our technology platform has helped the industry produce blockbuster franchises like Avengers, Fast & Furious, and Wonder Woman. This is a great chance to join the revolution transforming the entertainment industry. We are growing and are seeking experienced developers who can help us deliver our vision for a fairer, more transparent future for high-end content production. We’re an open organisation and understand that you are a person and not just a code-production unit.We want to find a collaborator who loves to be part of a team, someone is technically capable and also future-looking who can communicate clearly and collaborate effectively to make a great customer experience happen. We are looking for someone with good technical experience as we want to focus on helping you understand the world of film and television and what our clients need rather than helping you learn about technology.Our software is built with Python, Javascript an...

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