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Frontend Software Engineer (Portland, OR)

Ride with GPS

The OpportunityOur frontend is implemented in React, structured as an API consumer of our Ruby on Rails backend. We're in the midst of a comprehensive redesign of the look and feel of our product, and we're seeing years of foundational work realized in developer productivity and value delivered to our users. Your opportunity is to join us in implementing design principles of usability, and discoverability, and in making good on our promise to enable our users to go on better rides more often. We've built a strong presence in the cycling community over the past 10+ years, and we're committed to supporting the core features and values important to our long term supporters. We do not require prior React experience; we are much more interested in candidates who are excited about what we're building, and who can't wait to help us improve products that make cycling better for our millions of users. That said, in order to excel in this position, we do expect multiple years of experience putti...

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Uses RemoteOK and Remotive APIs.