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[Paperpile]( helps researchers to find, organize, read, and write academic papers. In addition to the Paperpile app, we have recently introduced a new product [BibGuru]( for students. We are signing up thousands of new students every day. Our user-base is growing fast, and so is the team around it. - As part of a small team, **everything you do matters**. You only work on stuff that has a direct big impact on the product and our customers. - You **work from anywhere on your own schedule**. We communicate with tools like Slack, Clubhouse, Figma, and Notion to move our product forward fast. - You **work with an interesting and diverse community of academics**. Our customers use Paperpile to study climate change, cancer, or medieval history. You interact with them directly to understand how we can make their work more productive. We use Typescript/JavaScript across all our product lines: web-apps, browser extensi...

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