Front end Web Developer

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# Front-end Web Developer We are seeking a Front-End Web Developer to fill the specialized role of Experiment Engineer. An Experiment Engineer manufactures HTML, SCSS, and JavaScript code to run on top of client websites that alters the experience of the site in an effort to improve the conversion rates of key performance metrics. They are comfortable working across a variety of different front-end frameworks and libraries as well as APIs. They must also be comfortable working to validate concepts by choosing the cheapest route to MVP versus over-engineering any particular task. They are familiar with CRO platforms such as Optimizely, Convert, VWO, and Google Optimize. **Responsibilities include:** * Develops efficient and robust experimentation code using HTML, SCSS, and JavaScript which is injected on top of existing client sites via experimentation software such as Optimizely, Convert, and VWO. * Engages as a technical consultant, providing web development expertise and insigh...

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