Data Engineer

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Our client developed an Application Security Management tool. They give the opportunity to tech teams (developers, security team, ops, operation) to scale their security via automate applications tools. Our client is the industry’s first provider of Application Security Management (ASM).
They are part of the French tech ecosystem.

What you will do :
  • Build "security agents" through plugins to develop and expand their surface.
  • Design and improve the architecture
  • Collaborate with their customers to understand their applications in order to build a better tool to improve their product
  • Collaborate with tech teams: product, designers, operations etc


  • At least 5 years as a Data Engineer in a fast paced environment
  • Experience and love for building data intensive applications
  • Worked in a Python environment (ideally)


  • You can expect a salary range from 55k€ to 75k€
  • You can be based anywhere in Europe and they have an office in Paris/London/Lisbon
  • internationale culture

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