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Backend Developer (Rotterdam, Netherlands)


It's an exciting time for us at VIKTOR. After launching our platform in 2017 we are rapidly growing our user base, our team and our developer community. We are hyper-focused to make VIKTOR the low-code development platform for developers and engineers in the manufacturing and building industry wanting to automate the boring work and enable them to build awesome products.  To further grow our team we are looking for a talented backend developer, with the potential to grow into a leading role in our team. If you are passionate about building scalable backend services, enjoy developing a platform that is both used by developers as well as end-users and you are comfortable working with the latest technologies, then we're eager to get to know you.What are you going to do: You will be working as a backend developer in a mixed platform development team to further grow the platform. You will be working on a variety of subjects including encryption, duplex communication, and isolation...

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