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Backend Developer (Berlin, Germany)


What you will be working onAs a Backend Developer, you will work on our Node-based GraphQL API as well as related services (e.g. database/search) and infrastructure based on AWS. Together with the Full Stack Developers in our team, you will work on our core SaaS product, but your focus will not be the implementation of new features, but rather the improvement of our backend services. Example tasks could include refactoring the code structure, switching to a more modern ORM, splitting the backend into multiple services, providing new external-facing APIs, improving our logging infrastructure, and so on.About our tech stack: We have a frontend based on React and a backend written in Node.js. They interface with each other using GraphQL and Apollo. We utilize TypeScript for the entire codebase to improve code quality and reliability. We use relational databases as well as Elasticsearch. We write comprehensive end-to-end tests using Cypress in addition to unit...

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